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Horizontal Switch

Monday, 20. February 2012 7:41

Horizontal Slide Switch are widely used in A/V equipments, alarm equipments, digital cameras, DVs, MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, electronic toys, study machines, computer equipments, auto electronic parts and more.
We have a strong and experienced engineer team and strictly follow ISO 9001: 2000, IS014001: 2004 and QC080000 principles to make sure every finished unit being defect-free and RoHS compliant. We inspect the materials and finished products during the whole process. Our test items include life test, insulated resistance test, contact resistance test, spring test, travel test, soldering test, withstanding high temperature test, salt-spray test. Furthermore, we have certified clean room to assemble the product, so that every unit comes out with high quality. As a result, we have maintained a zero product return rate.

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Hook Switch

Wednesday, 15. February 2012 3:54

Elecsound manufactures high precision microswitches and push button switches for control systems and consumer applications. We serve customers through a worldwide network of distributors and sales-reps since 1996.
Hook Switch
Lamp on/off function
The product has obtained national Certificate of Utility Model Patent
Optional Standard One or Patent One
Optional with Contrl Board, Connector, Caps or ABS Cover
Optional DPNO or DPDT
Technical data
Max electrical rating
6(2)A 250V~ μ
Mechanical endurance 5E4
Electrical endurance 1E4
Certificated rating
6(2)A 125/250VAC
25T85 μ
6(2)A 125/250VAC
25T85 μ
Solder lugs
PCB pins

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Slide Switch

Monday, 30. January 2012 3:41

Elecsound can offer switches as below: Tact switches, slide switches, push switches, micro switches, hook switches, leaf switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, DC power jacks, phone jacks, AC sockets, etc. Here is Slide Switch.
Slide Switch with PCB Board, Anti-flaming, Used in Air Condition and Cooker Hood
Key Specifications/Special Features:
With epoxy PCB board
Power supply:
2A current: 250V AC
10A current: 250V AC
6A current: 125V AC
Used in air condition and cooker hood

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Kinds of Switches

Monday, 16. January 2012 1:26

Do you need any kinds of switch or what to let us support you any? We offer a full range of tact switch and other switches as below. Because you required capacitors as below. Do you have any new project after several months for other items again or other components? Pls kindly check for me, is that all right. Thanks to advise back.
Bottom Slide Switch / Detector Switch / Hook Switch / Horizontal Slide Switch /Leaf Switch / Micro Switch / Mini Slide Switch /Multi Function Switch / Plastic Push Switch/ Push Switch / Rocker Switch / Special Function Switch / Tact Switch / Toggle Switch/ Vertical Slide Switch / Vertical

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Looking for Switches?

Thursday, 22. December 2011 3:04

Are you looking for Switches this year? We can offer Bottom Slide Switches, Detector Switches, Hook Switches, etc. as below. Pls refer to our website:  we have quite good prices with good quality.  Pls check some of the below prices for your reference. if you are interested in our products pls contact with us freely. Also if you would like to be our distributors for trimming potentiometers pls email back also.
Bottom Slide Switches
Detector Switches More
Hook Switches
Horizontal Slide Switch 
Leaf Switch 
Micro Switch 
Mini Slide Switch 
Multi Function Switch 
Plastic Push Switch  
Push Switch 
Rocker Switch 
Special Function Switch 
Tact Switch 
Toggle Switch 
Vertical Push Switch 
Vertical Slide Switch 

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Various Switches

Friday, 16. December 2011 2:13

Do you need any kinds of switch? Welcome to inquiry for best price.
Bottom Slide Switch / Detector Switch / Hook Switch / Horizontal Slide Switch /Leaf Switch / Micro Switch / Mini Slide Switch /Multi Function Switch / Plastic Push Switch/ Push Switch / Rocker Switch / Special Function Switch / Tact Switch / Toggle Switch/ Vertical Slide Switch / Vertical Push Switch

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reed switches

Monday, 13. June 2011 5:31

A reed switch is a mechanical electrical switch having a pair of ferromagnetic contacts in either a normally-open or normally-closed configuration. Reed switches are a low voltage switch, generally in the one watt range. A reed switch comprises confronting contact points including magnetic wire members and a glass tube enclosing those points and performs open/close operations of the contact points by applying a magnetic field from the outside of the glass tube. The contacts are normally spaced apart when they are in close proximity to a magnet and they are moved toward each other to close the switch when the magnet is moved a certain distance from the switch. In a reed switch, two lightweight metallic rods are hermetically sealed through opposite ends of an elongated hollow glass tube in such a manner that they extend substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tube. In the presence of a magnetic field, the contacts of a normally-open reed switch will close, while the contacts of a normally-closed reed switch will open. Reed switches are commonly used for sensing the position of a mechanism the movement of which is to be monitored, by providing a switched output in response to the passage or approach of an actuating magnet carried by the mechanism. Reed switches are used in a variety of devices, including relays of the electromagnetic and electromechanical type, as well as motion and proximity sensors.

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membrane switches

Friday, 10. June 2011 6:24

A membrane switch is a multilayered switch device that is touch activated to make or break the electrical connection of a particular switch element. Membrane switches have become popular for use in industrial controls, home appliances, office equipment and automotive applications. Most often, membrane switches are designed for intended use as keyboard, key pad, or front panel interfaces to provide instructions from a user to operate various items, such as computers, manufacturing equipment and vending machines. Membrane switches normally employ a pair of stacked flexible membranes having opposed contacts printed on their facing surfaces. An intermediate layer is disposed between the outer two layers and acts to isolate the switch circuit patterns from each other. Electrical conductors, also printed on the facing surfaces of the membranes, communicate electrical signals to and from the contacts. Finger pressure applied to the switch pushes a conductive pad on the membrane into contact with a similar pad on the substrate. Contact between the pads closes the switch and completes the electrical circuit. Membrane switches are particularly well-suited for use in certain environments wherein it is desired to seal an electronic system against moisture, dust etc. Membrane switches have recently come into wide use for the keypads of cellular phones or portable personal computers or the various control panel switches of household electrical appliances.

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rocker switches

Thursday, 9. June 2011 2:09

A rocker switch is a device having a plurality of terminals and means operated by a rocker for making and breaking electrical connections between pairs of those terminals. A rocker switch includes a button that is mounted to a case to pivot about an axis. A spring is typically placed in contact with the button to exert a biasing force that will maintain the button in one or more of the stable positions. The plunger operates a rocker actuator by a force exerted from the spring. The spring also supplies the force that causes the switch to toggle from one stable position to another. In general, the rocker switch is constructed such that its switch components or parts are housed in a square or rectangular housing the top of which is open and an operation button is mounted at the opening space of the box at the top thereof such that it can be moved for seesaw movement.

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pressure switches

Wednesday, 8. June 2011 2:22

The pressure switch closes or opens an electrical contact in response to changes in sensed pressure in a cavity. Pressure responsive switches sense a change in pressure and respond to such changes by alternately making and breaking an electrical connection. A pressure responsive switch basicallycomprises a diaphragm responsive to a pressure change, a rigid ring for securing the diaphragm, and a pair of electrically conductive contacts. The diaphragm is resiliently biased and preloaded by a spring. Many pressure switches are electromechanical devices. Such devices typically include a Bourdon tube connected to the pressure source, which tube activates a snap action microswitch. A differential pressure switch employs a diaphragm that is driven in one direction or the other based upon the pressure differential existing across the diaphragm. Pressure-sensitive switches are used in a variety of applications where it is desired to switch apparatus on or off at predetermined pressures. Pressure switches employing a flexible diaphragm for sensing pressure are commonly employed in household washing machines for sensing pressure in a tube connected to the bottom of the washing machine receptacle. Pressure switches are widely used for controlling electrically operated devices by switching an electrical contact between open and closed circuit positions based on a preset fluid pressure threshold. Relatively complex pressure switches have been used for specific applications such as in automobile engines, refrigeration systems, industrial equipment, etc.

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