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Capacitor Applications

Friday, 29. July 2011 9:36

Capacitor is a basic storage device to store electrical charges and release it as it is required by the circuit. Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits to perform variety of tasks, such as smoothing, filtering, bypassing etc….
One type of capacitor may not be suitable for all applications. Ceramic capacitors are generally superior than other types and therefore can be used in a vast ranges of application. The following is the typical capacitor applications in electronic industries:
DC blocking capacitor: In this application the capacitor blocks the passage of DC current (after completely charged) and yet allows the AC to pass at certain portion of a circuit.
Capacitor as a filter: Capacitors are the main elements of filters. There are several types of filters that are used in electronic circuits, such as LPF (Low Pass Filter), HPF(high Pass Filter), BPF (Band Pass Filter), etc….
Since the reactance of the capacitor is inversely related to the frequency, therefore it can be used to increase or decrease the impedance of the circuit at certain frequencies and therefore does the filteration job.
Capacitor as a discharge unit: Capacitors used as a charging unit and the release of the charge (discharge energy) is used for triggering, ignition, and in high scale as a power source.
By Pass capacitor: The reactance of capacitor decreases as the frequency increases. Therefore in certain application it is used in parallel with other components to bypass it at a specified frequency.
Coupling capacitor: The ability of capacitor to pass AC signal, allows it to couple a section of an electronic circuit to another circuit.
Decoupling capacitor: In high speed electronic logic switching causes draw of significant amount of current which in turn would cause disturbance in the logic voltage level. Decoupling capacitor is typically located very close to the IC output and serves as a local energy source to provide the needed extra current and therefore minimizes the noise and disturbances to the logic signal.
Snubber capacitor: In some application, relays or SCR (Silicon controlled rectifier) are to drive a high inductance loads. In these circumstances, when the relay or the SCR opens, a major transient voltage could be induced in the contact of the relay or across the junction of SCR, which in turn either shows as an arc on the relay contacts or may damage the internal SCR junction. Therefore snubber capacitor is used to limit the high voltage transient across the circuit.
There are also other applications such as Tuned circuits, signal processing, etc…

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the analysis of connector markets in 2011

Friday, 29. July 2011 8:15

ResearchInChina reports, connector industry is a mature industry,  the global connector market  is $ 45.3 billion in 2010, compared with an increase of 28.4% in 2009. Major markets are in the automotive, computer, telecommunications, industrial, consumer electronics, aerospace and military fields.Automotive sector is the largest market of connector,accounting for 21.4%. A car needs about $ 102 for connector on average. Automotive connectors are typically sold to manufacturers of automotive wiring harness,then manufacturers of automotive wiring harness sells to vehicle manufacturers. The major car manufacturers usually have the ability to manufacture wiring harness connector. Therefore, manufacturers of automotive wiring harness connectors are generally manufacturers of connectors, such as Yazaki, Sumitomo Electric, Delphi which ranks 1,2,3, respectively. Manufacturers which accounted for the highest proportion of income in connectors are Tyco Electronics, FCI, KET.Most markets of desktop connector are controlled by the international manufacturers, including Hon Hai of the highest proportion. Desktop market is stable, but lack of growth momentum. 98% of laptops are controlled by OEM company in Taiwan, Taiwan is the biggest area of manufacturers for connectors, up to more than 200, most of them are between NT $ 10-70 billion. Hon Hai is also one of the largest.
A laptop computer uses about 35-45 connectors which is equal to $ 10 value. NB uses a variety of connectors, which CPUSocket is of the maximum value, especially after the release of Intel’s new platform Capella, its CPUSocket is up to $ 3 to $ 4, which is Hon Hai’s biggest profit source,other independent display adapter connectors are more than $ 1.Taiwan’s top three connector profitable companies are all associated with NB. In terms of CPUSocket,Hon Hai, Tyco, Molex, carbatex are the world’s top four plants.Mobile phone connector is an important electronic component, which affect the quality and reliability directly of  mobile phones.Ater-sales quality of mobiles are related to connectors.MPHENOL is the first makerof mobile connectors,their best is precision interface, such as the SIM card connector, SD card connection, USB connection, HDMI connection, RF conversion. Japanese manufacturers are good at FPC connectors and board to board connectors, JAE and JST are good at PFC and TF card connection.Panasonic’s NAIS are good at board to board connectors, apple is the largest customer,Hirose are also good at board to board connectors. MOLEX are good at TF card connect.

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Japanese semiconductor will resume in production chain in late August

Thursday, 28. July 2011 7:55

Since disruptions of local semiconductor production chain  in Japan caused by 311 earthquake, after the restructuring for about four months , the capacity since July have been fully restored to the level before the earthquake, including 12-inch silicon wafer, BT resin , wafer polishing liquid solder mask (SolderMask), etc., have begun full production supply, the semiconductor manufacturing chain is expected to return to normal operation in late August.But, because of continous summer power rationing problem in Kanto and Northeast, the lead time of semiconductors and electronic products is still longer about 3-5 weeks than than the ones before the earthquake.
As the earthquake leads to the supply disruption of key raw material of Japan’s semiconductor market, including TSMC, UMC, King Master, Southern Electric, ASE, SPIL and other businesses, although they stays over on inventory , but still affect monthly revenue of about 2-5% range increase in April and May.As Japan’s local technology industry has faster recovery than expected, including the BT resin, ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide with a semiconductor, wafer polishing liquid, solder mask, and other key chemical raw materials, have been resumed to be completed in June, 12-inch silicon wafer also returns to the level in July  before the earthquake. It is pointed out earthquake did cause the negative effects of insufficient supply , but because of the weak demand in end-market in May and June, which gives the original tight supply chain the opportunities of breath. Subsequently proved, many semiconductor plants were overbooking in the second quarter,but the end demand does not be kept up. Although the production affected by the earthquake in Japan has been resumed , but Japan still face limited local power problems.In other words, Japan’s semiconductor production capacity has been recoveried to the level before the earthquake in the third quarter, but the actual output is still affected by the problem of limited power, so the industry believes that the lead time of semiconductors and electronic products is still longer in the third quarter which is longer about 3-5 weeks.

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The market of Ics may change at the second half of the year

Wednesday, 27. July 2011 8:29

As the largest IC company in Mainland of China, SMIC has the recent turmoil in the management affected the development of SMIC, the ripple effect will inevitably impact the current market.
While global semiconductors are quiet,Chinese semiconductors have eye-catching performance.
Investment Advisor in the machinery industry research,Jiachen Xie told reporters that the domestic semiconductor industry is in an intense shock period at the first half of this year, but the overall trend tends to be mature.With the supports from New No. 18 and other series of incentives, China’s semiconductor industry presents the characteristic of the rapid development, while is gradually towards integrated, high-frequency, intelligent, digital direction,but he also pointed out that as China’s largest IC company in mainland, SMIC has the recent turmoil in the management affected the development of SMIC, the ripple effect will inevitably impact the current market.
Since 2011,affected by the Japanese earthquake and the uncertainty of European sovereign debt crisis, the global semiconductor industry suffered concussion, semiconductor stocks fell 4 percent recently, completely dropped back to the level in January and February.
According to customs data , the major export commodities in China have been increased at the first half of the year, which semiconductor has an obvious increase of 52%.
Jiachen Xie pointed out that the increase of China’s semiconductor industry in the first half is due to continued growing software and information services industry in China, the mature research and education systems, abundant human resources and deepening international cooperation, on the other hand ,benefited from the country’s policies for software industry support. 
On July 15 evening, the Board of SMIC announced that Wenyi Zhang was appointed as the new chairman, the former president and CEO Dr. Wang resigned on July 13th officially.The shock in SMIC which lasted about half a month was stopped.telecommunications industry analyst of isupply,Wenjun Gu predicted that SMIC may fall 13% to 16% on sales in this year,namely about  1.3 billion to 13.5 billion U.S. dollars,but in fact this is not the worst, next year may be worse.Because of SMIC’s influence in the industry, the company’s management changes may delay the decision to affect the company’s financial situation, China’s semiconductor market will inevitably be affected by these effects.

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Samsung Electronics will increase investment in memory chips

Tuesday, 26. July 2011 6:34

It is reported CEO of Samsung Electronics, Choi Gee-sung said on July 25th Samsung Electronics would intend to increase its investment in memory chip; although the uncertainty of global economy inhibits the market demand for electronic components, but Samsung will not reduce the company’s total investment at the second half of this year.The industry believes that Choi Gee-sung’s comments are response to its competitors who have cut investment. It is reported that, with the debt crisis in Europe and the United States furtherly suppress the prices of memory chips, flat panel display,computers and television, many electronics manufacturers have chosen to cut investment. “Our investment for memory chips at the second half of this year is bigger than originally planned,besides, we do not reduce the company’s total capital investment at the second half.” Choi Gee-sung yesterday said to the media at an industry conference held in Seoul,which is the capital of South Korean. Choi Gee-sung said: “We will not make investment plans just based on one year’s service.” The Choi Gee-sung so-called “year of business expectations” means the uncertainty of market demand for memory chips.
The rival of Samsung Electronics,LGDisplay announced last week  they will cut expenditure in 2011 to 4000 to 4500 billion won which is reduced about 18%. Last week, LGDisplay released its  loss of consecutive quarterly earnings for third quarter.As Samsung is the world’s largest memory chip maker at present while is also the world’s second largest mobile phone maker. The costs of Samsung in the first quarter in 2011 is about 5.5 trillion won. In April of this year, Samsung released financial report for the first quarter in 2011. Samsung said that they will consider increasing the amount of capital spending in 2011 based on the expected market demand of electronic components. According to Data from Samsung ,the budget for investment of Samsung in 2011 is about $ 2.3 trillion won.In addition, Samsung will release  its second-quarter earnings on Friday. Samsung had said earlier this month, the company’s profit at second quarter in 2011 will be reduced to 3.7 trillion won, while Samsung LCD flat panel display business will once again suffer a loss.

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Freescale and E Ink cooperate to reduce costs of e-books

Monday, 25. July 2011 6:49

Freescale Semiconductor (Freescale) and E Ink announced to jointly developed single-chip system (SoC) solution for the e-book reader application and integrate Freescale’s i.MX processor technology with E Ink’s Vizplex display controller. The relationship for the eBook market is expected to reduce costs and expand the scope of the external support of electronic components, also inspire more creative new products, such as electronic newspapers, tablet computers, notebook computers, sub-screen, electronic notes books and electronic dictionaries.
Vice president of marketing from E Ink ,Sriram Peruvemba said: “Our goal is to provide the best digital reading experience for global, E Ink and Freescale’s joint development work will be detonated in several emerging markets, including electronic newspapers and electronic textbooks.” According to report from DisplaySearch in 2009, shipments of e-books are expected to be 75 million units in 2018  from 1 million units in 2008 ,the total market value will reach about 38 million. Market-driven factors include new e-book in market , international popularity of e-books ,the expecting cutting price ,the electronic of newspaper and printed books.Field marketing director from Freescale, Glen Burchers said: “Because of The processors of e-books from Freescale  with E Ink’s electronic paper display controller (using i.MX processor technology), we can develop a cheap, stylish compact electronic book. “Vice President of Prime View International ,Johnson Lee, said:” We are very happy to see this cooperation. The demand for electronic paper screen electronic paper screen has far exceeded the most optimistic market expectations, there are many global companies to enter the new e-book market. The cooperation between E Ink and Freescale is expected to add new impetus to this trend. “

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MOSFET has a rapid growth in market

Friday, 22. July 2011 7:47

Global energy environmental consciousness makes efficient and energy-saving products into the main trend of development in market. Accordingly, the power management IC, MOSFET chip and other power devices have been increasingly applied to the whole electronic products. In the terms of the power device products, MOSFET has the fastest-growing market for demand. According to the data from analysis of agency, despite of the global financial crisis,the market of MOSFET in China had a demand for 19.82 billion in 2008 which was still higher about 11.9 percent than the demand in 2007.
As to application, consumer electronics has become the largest applicated market of MOSFET, it is mainly due to the wide applications of MOSFET in portable products, LCD TV and other consumer electronic products. Secondly, because of computer and industrial control. In addition, the popular of netbook and other products will drive the rapid development of China’s domestic market for MOSFET.
In the markets of MOSFET at present, Fairchild, ST, IR, Vishay and other European and American firms still occupy the dominant position,in addition, some Taiwan companies also occupy a certain market share. For example, ANPEC, Fuding have a certain strength of competition in the market, Taiwan-based enterprise focused on consumption and more motherboard with MOSFET, the advantage of cost is their key to winning. Relatively rapid development of Taiwan-based enterprises, local enterprises in China have been progressive in the MOSFET products in recent years, and gradually independent researched and developed from foundry service, with the price advantage, local MOSFET products are expected to quickly enter the market in some areas.

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Infineon is champion in the field of automotive electronics chips

Thursday, 21. July 2011 7:48

According to the newest study from Strategy Analytics, Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has become the top supplier of automotive electronic chips.The research institute located in the U.S. said that in 2009 Infineon had 9 percent of global market share, total sales was 1.31 billion. Although the auto industry got hard hit in 2009, but Infineon has further consolidated its market position. In 2009, automotive chip market shrunk about 21 percent,namely from 18.3 billion in 2008 to $ 14.4 billion in 2009.
President of Infineon’s Automotive Division, Jochen Hanebeck said “During difficult times for the industry, we occupy the first position in the field of automotive electronics chips owing to innovative of products,our semiconductors are the base of automotive electronics innovations.We are committed to developing as industry’s leading chip supplier in the future.”
European is known as a major innovation center of automotive electronics.With 13.6% market share, Infineon becomeS the undisputed market leader in Europe. Infineon ranks second in North America with market share about 7.8%.In Japan, Infineon is one of the most important non-local semiconductor suppliers, the market share is about 2.8%. In the Asian market, Infineon’s market share rose to 8.8%, again the second highest in the market. Excluding autos and entertainment electronics, Infineon in the Asian market actually topped the list in market share.
Infineon provides sensors, microcontrollers and power semiconductors for the automotive industry.These devices help improve vehicle safety, convenience pilot operation,improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.In Europe and the world, respectively, half and one third of the vehicles equipped with Infineon for diesel and gasoline engine management microcontroller.

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The slowing demand leads to decreasing price of NAND flash memory chip

Wednesday, 20. July 2011 7:09

As apples and other large enterprises do not have strong demand,it leads to the price of NAND chips is decreasing quickly in may.As it fell more than 15% in price of NAND chips in may while it fell about 20% in spot market,Apple is still the largest buyer of NAND flash memory chips,but the demand is not strong with the second quarter.
Besides Apple, other manufacturers are also reducing the purchase of NAND flash memory chips. It is reported that sales of flash drives and memory cards are also stagnant in may.Price of 2GBNAND flash memory chip in May fell 15.8 percent, only $ 4.85,while unit price of 16GB fell 11.4%,$ 3.12, unit price of 64GB was $ 9.39.
As iphone and Ipad still have strong demand,so it is not clear why the orders of NAND flash chips are reduced.
iPad2 has maximum storage space,64GB,just like ipad 1,iPhone’s maximum storage space for many years has been the 32GB, while maximum storage space of the high-end MacBookAir is the 256GB. All three products use NAND flash memory as storage media.NAND flash has become Apple’s most important components for mobile products, making Apple the world’s largest buyer of flash memory chip, it leads to global shortages of flash memory chips.

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Microchip has dramatic changes in the electronics industry

Tuesday, 19. July 2011 9:14

After financial turmoil, the electronics industry restored the original operation at great speed, although it faced the Japanese earthquake at the beginning of this year, and the potential financial crisis and challenges in Europe, but Microchip is still optimistic about the microcontroller (MCU ) has the potential growth opportunities,besides, more and more functions are added to the applications of MCU, the company also hopes their 16-bit MCU can change the first position in the market in the next few years.
The continous environmental changes constantly test suppliers of semiconductor, but also enable manufacturers to have a more flexible response capability. In terms of Microchip, the full range of products is the key to maintain the customers. Microchip has more than 700 kinds of 8-bit products, 200 kinds of 16-bit products, and about 30 32-bit MCU. These products can be seamlessly upgraded,which is the most distinguishing features of Microchip products, customers can upgrade their design to help achieve a smooth transfer of the design without having to spend too much resources and time.The market of Microcontroller has been constantly expanded, Databeans estimated global MCU market in 2011 will increase 9% than in 2010, up to $16.1 billion. Microchip was the first one in market of 8-bit MCU from 2006 to 2009, while it ranked 10th in 16-bit in 2009, but it is hoped Microchip can challenge the world’s first in the next few years.Besides the MCU market, Microchip also merged the supplier of NORFlash, SST, hoping to expand other markets.The Microchip said after the merger of SST , they will have the opportunity to explore different new markets, including wireless and Wi-Fi. For example, SST also has the power amplifiers for wireless products (PA) / LNA, indeed, in the terms of high-frequency, Microchip is not strong, but after the merger, the company will be more involved with wireless. In terms of NORFlash, it is good for Microchip to expand product line and customer base.

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