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Ceramic Capacitors Offer

Tuesday, 31. January 2012 1:18

Elecsound is a manufacturer and very speciallized in ceramic capacitors, including:
disc ceramic capacitors,high voltage disc ceramic capacitors, Radial, Axial and SMD multilayer ceramic capacitors, Y1 and Y2 ceramic capacitors as well as ceramic trimmer capacitors, we offer high quality with competitive prices, lead free and speedy delivery in 3–5 days. can offer tantalum capacitors with dipped type and SMD type.
Disc ceramic capacitors low voltage
 Disc ceramic capacitor high voltage
 AC Safe Ceramic Capacitor Y1 and Y2
 Radial Multilayer ceramic capacitors
 Axial Multilayer ceramic capacitors
 Chip Multilayer ceramic capacitors
 6mm ceramic trimmer capacitors
 5mm ceramic trimmer capacitors

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ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers

Tuesday, 31. January 2012 1:16

Elecsound Electornics is a manufacturer for below range of  cermet trimming potentiometers, Cermet type and WireWound type. the range as 3006, 3262, 3266, 3262, 3314, 3313,3224, 3269, 3296, 3299, 3303, 3306, 3309, 3318, 3323, 3329, 3362, 3386, 3540, 3590 and 105H. We offer “Elecsound” brand with competitive price, very speedy delivery and very high quality.  And our products are well crossed to Bourns Brand. for small qty we hold stock and for big qty lead time is 8–12 business days only. Here is our ET3006 as below.
Standard items for ET3006 Cermet Trimming Potentiometer

ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-101 100 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-102 1000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-103 10000  ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-104 100000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-105 1000000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-201 200 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-202 2000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-203 20000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-204 200000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-205 2000000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-501 500 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-502 5000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-503 50000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3006 Trimming Potentiometers ET3006P-1-504 500000 ohm RoHS Elecsound

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IC Stock

Monday, 30. January 2012 3:45

We have below IC in stock.  Do you need any? If yes, please advise the qty you need and ask for price. The price will be very competitive. And we will be very thankful if we can get your feedback by today.
IRU1206-33CY 1233 IR 09+/10+ SOT-223
IR1150IS 1233 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR2175SPBF 1233 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR2108S 1233 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR3086AMTR 1233 IR 09+/10+ QFN
IR1167B 1233 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IRS2453DSPBF 1233 IR 09+/10+ SOP
IR2135S 1233 IR 09+/10+ SOP-28
IP1201 1233 IR 09+/10+ QFN
IRF9956 1234 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8

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Slide Switch

Monday, 30. January 2012 3:41

Elecsound can offer switches as below: Tact switches, slide switches, push switches, micro switches, hook switches, leaf switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, DC power jacks, phone jacks, AC sockets, etc. Here is Slide Switch.
Slide Switch with PCB Board, Anti-flaming, Used in Air Condition and Cooker Hood
Key Specifications/Special Features:
With epoxy PCB board
Power supply:
2A current: 250V AC
10A current: 250V AC
6A current: 125V AC
Used in air condition and cooker hood

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3mm Round LED

Wednesday, 18. January 2012 1:10

Elecsound can offer lots kinds of LEDs with competitive prices,good qualities and fast lead time. Here is our 3mm round LED as below.
3mm round LED
1. 3mm round LED chip: GaAllnp/GaAsP,
2. LED shape: Round LED, oval LED, straw hat LED; Helmet LED, square LED, flat top LED; Bullet LED; Concave LED; Rectange
3. Round LED diode Available size: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm
4. LED diode span: 50, 000+hours
5. Emitted color: Red, green, blue. White, yellow.
5. LED type: Water clear, diffused, color transparent
6. Different angle available: 30
Primary competitive advantages:
1. Professional LED manufacture
2. Experience technical staff
3. Quality control
4. Completive price
5. Big order offer for free shipping by express
6. Small order available
7. To quality raw material
8. International Approval
9. Prompt delivery
10. Guarantee/warranty
11. Excellent packaging
12. Environment friendly
13. Excellent performanc
14. Good servic
15. Customaries design is available, free combination
Street lamp, stage light, ceiling light, LED cup…
Main selling products:
High power LED lighting, bi-color LED, siggle color, RGB LED, SMD
Welcome to our manufcture

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2 Layers PCB

Wednesday, 18. January 2012 1:09

We can offer reasonable prices, good quality and fast lead time for 2 Layers PCB. we can offer HAL, OSP and immersion gold and so on.  Rohs is valiable also. And pls note that we have no minimum quantity for PCBs,we can accept any quantity you need.The price will be competitive also. Here is the production discription.
PCB Materials: FR-4
Packing: Vacuum
PCB Layer Number: 2
Board thickness: 1.0-1.6mm, 1.6- mm
Copper clad: 10Z
Surface technique: Lead-free HASL; OSP; Gold plated PBF HAL
Minimum hole size: 0.40mm
Minimum Line/Space: 0.2mm/0.2mm (4mil/4mil)
Solder mask: White/Black/Green/Red/Yellow/Blue/Gray…
Forming: Punching/CNC Milling/CNC V-CUT
PCB Testing: E-testing; Flying probe testing
Lead Time: Sample 5-7days; Mass production 7-15days

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ET3269 trimming poteniometers

Tuesday, 17. January 2012 3:06

I would like to inform you our Hot offer for trimming potentiometers!!! If you are interested in,please send me emails for more details.We can offer favorable prices,good qualities and fast lead time… If you are looking for it now,I am sure we will be your good choice,waiting for your inquiries. Our hot offer is as below.
ET3269 trimming poteniometers Brand: Elecsound
Multiturn, Cermet, Industrial, Sealed, Many terminal styles: ET3269W, ET3269X, ET3269P,
The Standard Resistance Range: 10 – 2M Ohms,
Standard package: 50PCS/tube
We also deal in PCB, LED, Capacitor, Resistor, Zinc Oxide Varistor, Fuse and Thermostat.

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Film Capacitors

Tuesday, 17. January 2012 3:05

Do you need any Film Capacitors? Pls read below info. Elecsound can offer almost all kinds of chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor . our products are very high quality almost same as Japan brand but much lower prices . And very short lead time.
Film Capacitors

CL11 polyester film capacitors (PEI)
CL21Metallized polyester film capacitors
CBB13 Polypropylene Film Capacitors PPN
CBB21 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors MPP

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Diodes Stock

Monday, 16. January 2012 2:01

Do you still remember that Elecsound can offer active components? As we didn’t get many inquiries for active components from you so we remind you what we are strong in active components. we offer good prices and orginal sealed qualtiy for ICs, Memory, chips, Transistors and Diodes. Here is some stocks now.
LMX2541SQE3030E 1139 NSC 10+ LLP  
LP3981ILDX-3.0 1152 NSC 10+ QFN  
DS64EV400SQX 1154 NSC 10+ QFN  
DS36950V 1157 NSC 10+ PLCC-20  
LMX2531LQ1312E 1177 NSC 10+ QFN  
FPD92300SN 1182 NSC 10+ QFN  
LM2750LDX-ADJ 1205 NSC 10+ QFN  
DS14C89AN 1230 NSC 10+ DIP  
IR3088MTR 1232 IR 09+/10+ QFN  
IRFR024N 1233 IR 09+/10+ TO-252

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Kinds of Switches

Monday, 16. January 2012 1:26

Do you need any kinds of switch or what to let us support you any? We offer a full range of tact switch and other switches as below. Because you required capacitors as below. Do you have any new project after several months for other items again or other components? Pls kindly check for me, is that all right. Thanks to advise back.
Bottom Slide Switch / Detector Switch / Hook Switch / Horizontal Slide Switch /Leaf Switch / Micro Switch / Mini Slide Switch /Multi Function Switch / Plastic Push Switch/ Push Switch / Rocker Switch / Special Function Switch / Tact Switch / Toggle Switch/ Vertical Slide Switch / Vertical

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