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IRF7326 IR

Do you use any Ic items? Elecsound have very good suppliers for Ics. we are strong in many brands. Such as ST, TI, ATMEL, Fairchild, ADE, Maxim,  TOSHIBA, INFINEON, Philip, Sharp and so on. Usually the lead time for standard IC is only 2–3 days. We offer Original products and high quality Ics only. if you need just have a try with us pls.  We will be glad to offer you good prices.
IRF7326 1267 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR2151SPBF 1269 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IRF7421 1271 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR2301SPBF 1271 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR3088AMTR 1271 IR 09+/10+ QFN
IRS2011S 1271 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IPS052G 1272 IR 09+/10+ SOP
IRFR5305 1273 IR 09+/10+ TO-252
IR2085SPBF 1273 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IRF7336D1PBF 1276 IR 09+/10+ SOP-16
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