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Dipped Tantalum Capacitors

Elecsound can offer tantalum capacitors with dipped type and SMD type. we offer very attractive prices for this. Here is our dipped type.
The tantalum capacitor is a highly reliable type of surface mount solid capacitor or electrolytic capacitor.
Surface mount tantalum capacitors are increasingly being used in circuit designs because of their volumetric efficiency, basic reliability and process compatibility.
Small units with high stable performance
Lower current leakage and dissipation factor
Stable frequency, temperature and long life
Suitable for military equipments,  computer, telephone
Meeting IEC384-15-3 and GB7215-87 standard
Rohs Compliant
General Characteristics
Operating temperature: -55 ~125℃
Capacitance Tolerance:±20% ,±10%,±5%(Special Order).
Capacitance Range: 0.1μF~330μF
DC leakage current(20℃) I0 ≤0.02CRUR or 1μA (whichever is greater).
Dissipation factor(20℃)See table 1
Temperature performance: see table 1.
Climatic category: 55/125/
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