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26 Layer PCB

As a manufacturer of PCBs, we can offer reasonable prices, good quality and fast lead time. we can offer 1 layer, two layers, 4 layers and 6 layers. and we can offer HAL, OSP and immersion gold and so on.  Rohs is valiable also. our lead time for 1 and 2 layers are 7 days. and 4 layers are 10–14 days. And pls note that we have no minimum quantity for PCBs,we can accept any quantity you need.The price will be competitive also.
26 layer video system PCB
Board thickness: 3.25mm
Copper thickness: 20um
Material: NELCO
Minimum holes: 0.25mm
Minimum line width/gap: 0.1mm/0.1mm
Electrostatic solder mask.
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