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¬†We sell all types of semiconductors, such as Transistors, Diode, ICs, FET, etc. We can provide many famous original brand such as MAXIM, LATTICE, CYPRESS, XILINX, ALTERA, TI, INTEL, HARRIS, NS, FSC, TOS, PHILLIPS, ATMEL, MIC, etc. We have many years’ experience and have excellent agent for original parts with short lead time.
IR2233S 1237 IR 09+/10+ SOIC-28
IR2161SPBF 1238 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IRU1239SCCP 1238 IR 09+/10+ SMD
IR2133S 1238 IR 09+/10+ SOP
21-0043 1238 IR 09+/10+ QFN
IRS2540S 1239 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR2152S 1240 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR2308S 1240 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR4426SPBF 1240 IR 09+/10+ SOP-8
IR21592SPBF 1240 IR 09+/10+ SOP
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