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1 Layer FR-4 PCB

1 layer PCB board:
Technical details:
1)layer count: 1 layer
2)material details: 1.6mmFR-4(TG135-140), 2oz finished copper weight
Min. Board thickness:
0.4mm for 2 layers and 4 layers
0.8mm for 6 layers
3)Hot air finishing, lead free
4)Min line width/spacing: 0.2mm
5)Min, Hole size(aperture): 0.3mm, hole tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Min. Solder bridge: 0.08mm
Dimension tolerance: +/-0.1mm
6)Outline/profile/contour: CNC Routing, CNC milling
Drills: CNC
7)Lead time: 4-5 days for prototypes, 7-9 days for mass production
8)Certification: RoHS&UL
9)Application: Elevator power supply
10)Board size details and panelized details:
Each piece size: 233.4mm*139.23mm
Panelized details: None
Breaking off strips: None
11)circuit characteristic: Simple
Advantages: 1) Best quality and attractive price.
2)Best on time shipping
3)with E-test
4)Customer service
5)Instant quote
6)No minimum lot Requirements (Prototypes and small qty are both acceptable for us)
7)Ultra modern manufacturing facility
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