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Industrial And Automotive Application-driven Push Power Semi
After growing by less than the sky a star (Editor's note:! From the Earth the stars is really smaller than a grain of rice ah) in 2013 after the 2014 power semiconductor market finally have a greater growth rate. IHS study points out that even after seasonal revenue decline in the fourth quarter of 2014 to about 5% of the global power semiconductor market revenue still grew nearly 7%. "Adjust marketing and investment strategy, and the market for industrial and automotive applications targeting power semiconductor business in 2014 performed very well." IHS senior analyst JonathanLiao power semiconductors represented. "Texas Instruments (TexasInstruments), Analog (AnalogDevices), NXP (NXP) and Infineon (Infineon) is one of several revenue growth of more leading companies, and those companies that have a strong power semiconductor product portfolio for industrial and automotive applications. More importantly, by winning its growth momentum, the spotlight even beyond the competition, so the preceding several power semiconductor company in 2014 more than 10% revenue growth. On the other hand, from the consumer electronics and wireless communications terminal market transferred to the field of industrial and automotive industry, but was not very successful, its growth rate is lower than in 2014, even showing negative growth in revenue. By 2015, IHS forecast power management semiconductor market will continue 5 to 7% positive growth, but competition will completely change the war the greatest impact on the acquisition of the following two key events will be the market first, in January 2015, Infineon completed IR (InternationalRectifier) ​​acquisition;.! The second is the second half of this year, NXP will complete the acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor (FreescaleSemiconductors) plans. These two acquisitions will enable Infineon and NXP will be more competitive in technology, production efficiency, product prices and marketing strategies .IHS expects the coming year to fight for the market leader position in the field of power management semiconductors, the will have a very competitive race.
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