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OLED Lighting Market In 2017 Will Take Off
In lighting applications, we can already be certain that, LED light source is already a mainstream light source lighting applications, but on the other hand, OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology in the lighting field, but also begun to move. Taiwan recently established OLCA (OLED lighting Union), mainly a series of energy production and research in Taiwan, and the related downstream industry, hoping to train the way in the global lighting market first to the layout. Electro-optical CT Liu, director of ITRI talked, OLED and LED lighting in the area between the two will complement each other towards the development of relations on the grounds that, OLED itself spectrally very close to the natural sunlight, so we see the object on It will be very natural. Coupled with the power-down feature, for the development of OLED lighting in the area it is very helpful. He also talked about the past, the spectrum of incandescent light bulbs are also very close to the sun, but due to the high power relations, so was only slowly replacing LED lighting. CT Liu further noted, OLED considerable number of fields of application, such as museums, galleries, illumination, cosmetic counters, supermarket and table lamps and other children when wedding photographs, and the international line automakers, such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi, also OLED lighting will begin importing and body combination. Indeed, OLED Lighting in Europe and has been talked about for 15 years or so, but why have a more significant growth recently, due to the early stage is introduced into the OLED display applications, will reduce the cost of production, once costly barriers to entry fall , there is the possibility to realize lighting applications. Therefore, the development context OLED lighting development and LED light source can be said to be completely consistent, starting onscreen, it started transfer to lighting applications. But CT Liu also stressed that lighting applications market and other end-use applications in the industrial characteristics are quite a bit different, is lighting applications in technology penetration, there is a longer development time. There are basically two reasons, one is the ground of the building code, followed by the diversity of interior architecture, in order to further cooperate, it created such a development. But in the long term, OLED lighting development still has a very high resistance, is expected in 2020, LED and OLED lighting output ratio of approximately 3: 1, 2017, OLED lighting market will really be taking off.
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