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Samsung Contributes Fund For Beijing Semiconductor
Samsung decided to finance the Beijing Semiconductor fund, nurture startups IC design companies. AFP Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) has decided to finance Beijing semiconductor funds, investment semiconductor companies Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (BDA) inside. Samsung will explore cooperation with the mainland government and the strength of the IC design help new ventures to enhance the technical competitiveness. Samsung Electronics vice president Lee Jae-yong in November 2014 in Beijing Zhongnanhai, accompanied by the president of semiconductor Director Jin Qinan, president of Samsung Greater China Zhang Yuanji, China Ma Kai and Vice Premier met, showed a high interest in the mainland semiconductor market, while six months After the achievements emerge. According to economic reports in Seoul, Samsung Electronics has decided to finance Beijing semiconductor funds, investment semiconductor companies Beijing Economic Technological Development Area (BDA) inside. In cooperation with the mainland government, and help explore new ventures to enhance the strength of the technology competitive. BDA is the cradle of the mainland-tech industries, where the ratio of the semiconductor industry for nearly one third. In addition to SMIC, BOE and other technology industry representative stationed in mainland China, Nokia (Nokia), IBM and other international industry have flocked, has become the mainland version of Silicon Valley. In addition to the investment in this new venture to explore the potential for development of the mainland's semiconductor business environment is favorable. Samsung familiar with the matter, said the person, the primary objective of the investment is the expansion of the service network and the mainland local corporate customers and international business among them. The size of nearly 350 trillion won (about 3,199 million US dollars) in the semiconductor market, with the smart device, Things (IoT) officially opened the era of the next five years, is expected to create more than a year of high growth rate of 7%. Therefore global semiconductor companies who did not pull out all the stops, to master the technical force designed to preempt the market. While the mainland semiconductor IC design industry in the global market has achieved a certain share. According to IC Insights market research agency data, in 2014 the global IC design market size of $ 80 billion, while the mainland market share to 8% of the industry ranked after the United States, Taiwan and the third, influence over Europe, Japan and the industry put together Great.Although Samsung Electronics dominate the field for 22 years in memory, but not memory areas lagged behind Intel (Intel) and other industry, and therefore decided to invest in promising companies. Samsung Electronics to invest Beijing fund, in addition to being considered for future acquisitions paving the cause, but also to retain a place in the continent's growing semiconductor market. The world's largest semiconductor company Intel integrated, are also through a similar investment, strengthen cooperation with the mainland IC design companies. Intel in 2014 to $ 1.5 billion investment in mobile application processors (AP) IC design industry Spreadtrum, to jointly develop new products to combat AP Qualcomm.
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