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Taiwan LED Lighting Business Will Take Off Next Year
LED lighting market next year will be significantly off, each region 's global lighting manufacturers are actively involved , LED makers have recently rumored that orders received by European and American manufacturers , including Everlight , Epistar , Ronda and Ray flute Keming LED lighting business are the substantial growth .LED application trend towards light from the backlight TVs , but so different ecological industries , global TV industry is oligopolistic few big brands , so LED backlight penetration rate can reach 100% in the short term , but the lighting is a leading manufacturer of each region has therefore LED lighting penetration is modest but long-term .Recent regional leading global LED lighting industry has a "move up " phenomenon , Everlight , Ronda , LEDLINK have confirmed that the recent orders of LED lighting is good, the first quarter of next year is not bearish.Everlight executives said , LED lighting gradually heavy volume this year to improve the cost-effective LED lighting , energy- subsidy countries have direct subsidies to consumers to inject a positive force , the market can be expected next year showing exponential growth . Billion light year combined German lighting company , LED lighting has reached more than 20% of revenue , will be next year 's estimated proportion exceeded 30 %.Ronda combined effect Wellypower LED lighting market just in time for next year big takeoff , Lunda director, said in lighting applications market , Lunda exported to Japan, Taiwan , Asia and other places of the lamp and lamp product shipments have increased board trend. Lighting components , the Ronda COB integrated packaging and high color series will be focused on the development of the lighting assembly , COB next year than this year is expected to grow more than three times .The industry pointed out that , LED lighting demand in 2014 will be the first time beyond the LED backlight , LED lighting market dispersion rewrite rules of the game , LED backlight plant is expected to get rid of past customers are very concentrated, resulting in the limited space of the bargaining situation , with LED lighting era , LED plant is expected to have a more stable gross margin performance and greater bargaining space.
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