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In 2014 Global High-bright LED Production Value Will Grow By
According to DIGITIMES Research ,they predicts that by 2014 the global high-brightness LED production value will be 12.9% annual growth rate , reaching $ 12.74 billion , driven by growth momentum of industrial applications of LED lighting products respectively , tablet computers, mobile devices, vehicles , etc., to LED Q'ty dollars, annual growth will be 64.2 %, 36.8 %, 9.2 %, 9.8 %.In contrast, large- size backlight applications are presented attenuation circumstances , terms of number of pieces LED components use meter, 2014 notebook (NB), monitor (Monitor), TV annual reduction rate will be 6.7 %, 10.1 %, 3.8 %. TV backlight applications due 2013 LED TV penetration rate has been high, with limited growth in 2014 , coupled with the use of LED backlighting less increase in the proportion of direct type LED TV and other factors lead to attenuation of LED usage , although 4K LED TV can drive increase the number of backlight using satellites , aircraft types because then the total TV proportion will remain low, so the overall usage of LED TV backlight to count the number of pieces , the situation will continue to show decay Global LED lighting market , estimated 2014 market will reach $ 25.82 billion in total amount will be 23.4% penetration rate , mainly due to LED bulbs, lamps , spotlights multiple shipments will show growth , however due to price results towards the development of affordable , LED lighting output annual growth rate will be 38%. In terms of lighting products, LED components for each application do not use meter , 2014 will be the highest proportion bulbs , up 36.8 percent , followed by lamps and spotlights , the proportion will be 33.4 %, 23.3 %.
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