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China's Semiconductor Industry Is Rising Rapid

Recently it is said mainland China office will launch support policies of IC industry, providing RMB billion a year, it is expected to include ten trillion scale to promote the development of semiconductor design, manufacturing , packaging, testing , core equipment and materials industry and other key times . At this time, the Ministry announced, the mainland for the implementation of "national strategic emerging industry development plan" , the total size of 30 billion yuan will be set up in Beijing IC industry equity investment fund , for Beijing and throughout the IC industry's leading business, major projects and innovative investment entities or platforms to support key enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions , cultivated a core competitiveness of large industry .For the continent to the state capital to support the development of local industries ambition and its impact on the overall industry caused , I believe the industry is impressive. Whether it is from the early passive components , printed circuit boards, to the recent LED, solar panels and other industries , as the mainland government to obtain a variety of policy measures and the related funds Austrian aid , making significant changes in the structure of global production and marketing , but also to share in existing markets Taiwanese manufacturers place dilemma . In fact , the semiconductor industry is one of the areas of the mainland government has also focused on cultivating , especially from the establishment of the local industry chain upstream and downstream integration and transformation and upgrading of view, are the most important areas of the semiconductor . But the environment in a variety of industrial and technical standards limit was not very successful development of the continent . Today it rallied a comeback, with more substantial investment than in the past and counseling into force , coupled with its downstream terminal industry has non old Wu Amon , many ICT products has topped the global forefront of the global market share in the downstream close with lower , more favorable to their development upstream of the semiconductor industry , Taiwan's semiconductor industry will gradually form a threat , and further shocks to the downstream industry .People without their finest hour , although Taiwan's semiconductor industry still has a degree of advantage, but the leading margin is shrinking each year , plus a variety of continental government support on tax , financial and local domestic market , I believe that soon will Taiwan's semiconductor industry pressure. In fact , in recent years under the official support of the continent , a part of the semiconductor industry , such as IC design field , there are some MEGATONE threat to Taiwan's industry .It is foreseeable that the influx of capital in the mainland government , the Chinese mainland 's domestic IC design industry will continue to fear related to Taiwan IC design industry competitive pressure . If the mainland because of the local IC design industry policy support and the rise of the semiconductor market will indirectly lead foundry manufacturing and IC packaging and testing services in China, will likely improve the layout of Taiwan's industry market demand in China , the government's industrial policy will also be a certain degree of test.

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