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The Third Generation Semiconductor Has Mass Production

China achieved mass production of silicon carbide power devices for the first time, to make a breakthrough in the field of semiconductors leaded by the United States , Europe, Japan . Industry experts point out that this breakthrough is expected to ease China 's energy crisis. According to reports of WASHINGTON, Tyco Tianrun Semiconductor Technology ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd. G2S06010 SiC Schottky diode product appraisal and New Products conference will be held in Beijing on the 20th . Identification Committee considers the amount of the company's production process methods , product performance reached the international advanced level of similar products. It is reported that, after two years of research, Tyco Tianrun SiC Schottky diodes have been successful production of multiple products , and other products covered 600V-3300V high voltage range. Which , 600V/10A, 1200V/20A such as product yield reached the international advanced level. 863 new materials technology areas of national programs and technology support program in the energy sector for the year 2014 call for guidelines specify alternative projects , to carry out the key technology of the third generation of semiconductor materials , device fabrication and development of power electronic devices such as chips and research programs. Yesterday , A-share market, the strong performance of the semiconductor sector , Dragon Optical , dry according to optical , HC SemiTek five stocks daily limit, and more shares rose more than 5%, A -share market to companies involved in semiconductor manufacturing as well as rectangular lighting, one hundred million Optronics , SinoWealth , Changjiang Electronics Technology , Sanan Optoelectronics , LMH shares, etc. , investors may pay more attention .

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