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China's Semiconductor Industry Has Entered A Critical Period

Recently, the well-known electronics industry watchers , iSuppli principal analyst of semiconductor, Gu Wenjun said in 2013 China 's semiconductor industry keeps more flowering . National policy on there , there is a large industrial integration , under the development of large enterprises , exciting news dizzying , China 's semiconductor industry came to a sudden from quantitative to qualitative critical point. September 2 to 5, 2011 Chinese Vice Premier Mackay in Shenzhen, Hangzhou , Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry research ; research in Beijing on September 12 ; and IC industry development seminars were held in Hangzhou and Beijing twice in September and October will . Ma stressed accelerate the development of China's IC industry is central to making strategic decisions to strengthen their confidence , seize opportunities, focus focus , strengthen innovation , increase policy support , and optimize enterprise development environment, and strive to achieve the integrated circuit industry by leaps and bounds development. Big industry needs large policy , major policy requires great wisdom ( 601,519 , stock it ) . I believe there will be the new leader of great wisdom to solve these big problems. And for the industry , the Pro Yuan Xian fish , as retreat webs . I look forward to , the more you want to do your own thing, after all, is the implementation of competitive enterprises themes industry by leaps and bounds. China 's IC industry by leaps and bounds is not an overnight overnight , and in this , a core of the Long March , Lu Yao by " horse" power, this industry also wish to be like the name of the Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai , like : "horse" to get off the ground " Kay " Twist and go. As the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia featuring , China 's IC industry truly entered the "horse" year.

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