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The Top Ranking Of International Semiconductor Buyers In 201

Recently, research institutions, IHSiSuppli announced in 2013 semiconductor procurement , ranked by purchases , Top10 were: Apple, Samsung , HP, Lenovo, Dell , Cisco, Sony, Huawei , Panasonic, Toshiba. Observe the specific figures , can see the Effect tablet Apple iPhone continues unabated , with purchases of $ 30.3 billion ranked first , more flowering Samsung business strategy to ensure growth in the absolute value of the purchase volume growth even further than Apple slightly more than a little bit. From the point of view of both rank and purchases almost come to the semiconductor contribution rate in 2013 was undoubtedly the greatest smartphone. There are four Top10 purchases negative growth , respectively, HP, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, and the purchase of three companies in Japan declined the most. This is not without Japan 's inward-looking development strategy relationship , after all, the Japanese domestic market is still very small , and the other is also affected by the impact of the Sino-Japanese tensions .Huawei and Lenovo 's procurement growth rate is still quite optimistic , but the size of the purchases description of the market, and profit margins are not proportional relationship . So now is not the amount mentioned in the question of Chinese companies , we are worried , but the margins of the problem .Dell is the only company with last year 's purchase of the company , while mouthing PC sound crescendo , but in 2013 , purchasing inventory of household and office supplies , it has not been abandoned . So Dell is also expected such a performance .In fact, a general re- look at this league table , the overall performance is not perfect , too much focus on Samsung and Apple two , but although several other known Top10, results are not significantly better. Of course, this does not explain the connection to the semiconductor industry downturn , after all, many companies now spend more energy on the software side , but also to create good results , and this is a factor that can not be ignored .

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