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Semiconductor Market Gradually Makes Recovery
In response to industry recovery ,semiconductor manufacturers have plan to expand this year, including ASE, King Yuan electricity , PSC and other industry, this year the total number of up to ten thousand people sign it . Not only in the semiconductor industry , flat panel display manufacturers have begun advertising in a Taiwanese newspaper , recruit new employees. Expected that the semiconductor and electronics industry will provide Taiwan with more than 10,000 new jobs .IC packaging and testing leading ASE subsequent plans to spend 72 billion yuan to build the plant on green building Nanzih two parks , with the first phase of the building to be completed this year , ASE Kaohsiung plant this year will be to recruit new employees in batches , estimated this year's total manpower Kaohsiung plant needs at least 8,000 people, including the manpower needs of the production line employees about 7,000 people, about 1,000 technical professionals . In addition, next year is also scheduled to recruit nearly 8,000 new blood .King Yuan in response to a new plant in Miaoli gong put into the second quarter this year, also plans to add more than 800 technical manpower and third tier production line is expected in the second quarter of human will in place.Powerchip last year's successful transition , big profits over 11 billion yuan , plans to increase this year, more than 200 R & D personnel , R & D team will be expanded to more than 600 people to integrate into the memory Liqie , biotechnology and information security chip wafer foundry .Asus return to the mobile phone market this year , CEO Jerry Shen said that the current flat plus the size of the phone's R & D team has more than 1,000 people , but still strong demand , the future will continue to be expanded . ASUS is looking for elite talent , because in the field of software or design , a gold head, sometimes contribution can be more than ten general staff .Chunghwa Telecom also said that after the New Year will be launched before the business plan levy , in addition to 4G talent , will also seek the cloud , information and communications , and access other related personnel , estimated the annual recruitment of persons with previous years equivalent to about 1,500 people .Quanta cloud department recently established presence in China Beijing , preparing to attack the Chinese mainland market, this year will be set up branch offices in Japan , Singapore, Europe and other places, thus increasing demand for talent cloud area. Currently employs about cloud -related 700-800 .In the solar industry , due to the arrival Chunyan , a number of manufacturers have spread expansion, including the U.S. grain , green energy , new solar, Yu Jing , Sun subjects such as the recent total to just over a thousand levy , which the production line technicians maximum demand , a number of engineers in the field of personnel recruitment also ranks. PCB maker Unimicron returned to Apple supply chain , also plans to recruit half engineers, technicians total hundreds of people. The game maker Zhiguan to get into the mobile gaming market this year will levy only 20-30 people, depending on market conditions and adjust upward , and the object is not limited to domestic Recruiting overseas talent show is also locked object .
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