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LED Lighting Applications Are Very Hot

Metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) machine demand will be increased greatly at second half of 2014. Light market opportunities sprouting incentive to expand procurement MOCVD epitaxial plant machines to increase productivity ; provided downstream of the first half of 2014 are still digesting the oversupply of capacity in 2013 is expected to end or early 2015, LED Lei crystal factory Tiangou MOCVD machine movements will be more apparent. Veeco Instruments Jeffrey Pina senior director of worldwide marketing , said , benefited from the rise of the LED lighting market , the company MOCVD machine in sales in 2014 can be expected . Veeco Instruments (Veeco) Jeffrey Pina senior director of global marketing , said in LED TV under backlight market has become saturated, lighting applications will be the successor of the largest drive LED market growth momentum , particularly in the commercial lighting market in 2014 to 2015 in a significant growth trend.  Pina further pointed out that , despite the current LED lighting market penetration of only 5% , but governments have banned the use of incandescent bulbs , the LED is expected to encourage the rapid rise in commercial and residential lighting market penetration. According to market research agency estimates LEDinside , LED bulbs and lamps in 2014 will continue to increase market penetration , including LED lamp market share will reach 15% or more ; bulb is 20 %. To meet the new market demand for LED bulbs and tubes , estimated in 2014 will need two hundred fifty MOCVD machine .However , Taiwan Veeco Instruments Senior Business Associate Cai Fulong stressed that since 2013 in mainland China LED epitaxial plant expansion too fast, resulting in an oversupply of the market into a dilemma , so that even in 2014 LED lighting market will officially take off in the first half continues to digest excess production capacity last year , is expected by the end of this year or early 2015 LED epitaxy manufacturers will gradually increase the proportion of purchases MOCVD machine .As MOCVD orders in the first half , Cai Fulong comes , China LED epitaxial plant minority government subsidy is not terminated , the first half of the MOCVD machine orders mainly from the Chinese mainland still LED epitaxial plant ; half of Taiwan epitaxial plant will follow upped purchases. Optimistic about the prospects for LED lighting , Veeco Instruments has released a new MOCVD machine Turbo Disc Max Bright M, take a completely automated production , help epitaxial customers increase productivity, yield , in order to reduce production costs and increase market share .Pina believes that although the potential for LED lighting of potential , but not yet able to predict the time point clear reversal of market supply and demand , the company's uncertain whether the 2014 MOCVD machine shipments will surpass 2013 out of more than eighty volume , then it is certain that will continue to strengthen Veeco Instruments up to 60% of the market share , hold a leading position in MOCVD machine market.

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