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The 10 Predictions Of China Semiconductor Industry In 2014

Gu Wenjun , chief analyst from iSuppli semiconductor said, many friends want him " look back " as well as " look to the future ." Gu Wenjun said although it is difficult to make predictions, more difficult to disclose his predictions, but in order to test their understanding of the pulse of the industry , he still made predictions for the development of China's semiconductor industry in 2014. A : the state will introduce new policies to support the semiconductor industry , and the establishment of a working group dedicated to support the semiconductor industry : estimates may be introduced in the first half of the former , while the latter may be in the second and third quarter. Two: the local government to actively follow up the development of the semiconductor industry : the government will introduce a number of local development planning in the semiconductor industry and related investment and support policies , and the establishment of related industries development fund. And different from the past is that when the semiconductor industry development fund and layout, the Government will learn from other industries by the government-led development has led to the failure of the lessons , learn more market-oriented forces , relying on private capital and professional talent to lead . Three: Chinese enterprises to actively go out overseas mergers and acquisitions increased : semiconductors and more from the international M & A cases will occur. Four: the semiconductor industry by heavy capital concern : an increase in domestic investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and success stories ; and central enterprises and state-owned enterprises in the industry consolidation will be actively involved. Five: Semiconductor Industry Buzz market boom : Estimated 2014 there will be 3-5 semiconductor companies listed .Six: semiconductor companies listed on the capital market for "high- low" : the first half of the estimated semiconductor stocks have strong upward momentum , but the second half will be swinging back. Seven: the semiconductor industry will be the whole industry , " quantity" , " quality" go up : IC design industry innovation and high design industry output expected in 2014 will be the first time more than 10 billion U.S. dollars , reaching $ 12 billion , the annual growth rate more than 25% ; manufacturing and packaging industry will get on output and advanced technology , " quality" breakthrough ; while the domestic high-end semiconductor equipment and materials will be made ​​a key breakthrough in the key into a world-class production line ; Eight: International companies are more concerned about the Chinese market , to increase investment in China : while there will be changes in the international leading semiconductor companies in China " owned " the idea , there will be a leading international companies and Chinese companies formed a joint venture to expand the Chinese market. The " joint venture" will be the new model.Nine: intensive enterprise personnel changes : there will be changes in the management of a number of companies .Ten: Purple Group following the acquisition of Spreadtrum will continue to expand investment in the field of chip design , and mergers and acquisitions.

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