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Panasonic Will Have Mass Production Of New Generation Semico
According to Nikkei BP that Panasonic developed a new generation of semiconductor for power and motor control, and will have the first mass production in spring 2016 in the Japanese domestic enterprises . Semiconductor generation using gallium nitride (GaN), power consumption can be controlled about half of the original. It is reported that Matsushita is currently available in Japan and abroad to about 10 enterprises to enter final negotiations, a new generation of semiconductors Panasonic positioned to revitalize the semiconductor business continued loss of strategic products, Matsushita plans to first server power supply devices will. GaN is known as the "ultimate semiconductor materials," only American venture to get involved in the world. Matsushita subsidiary Matsushita Electric will produce Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (panasonicSemiconductorSolutions) of Uozu plant (located in Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture) for mass production, and the hope of gaining a leading position in the world market.
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