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Everlight LED Invests One Billion On Expansion

Everlight's chairman, Yeyin Fu said recently, Everlight won in patent dispute with Nichia ,in future they are expected to pass unimpeded in the United States, in Japan there are alternatives. LED optimistic outlook, Everlight has successfully raised five billion yuan Taiwan dollars (below, equivalent to about 1.013 billion yuan), will be for three years, the total amount of 10 billion yuan (equivalent to about 2.025 billion yuan) expansion plans. For the LED industry boom, Yeyin Fu said that this year will be better than the first half. Yeyin Fu recently went to the United States in New York Lighting Fair, just off the plane yesterday morning, the afternoon went to Mrs. Jane Chang Yung-fa Foundation participated Wenxiu specifically for autistic children Taipei Social Welfare Foundation as planned "Behold! Rainbow" Thanksgiving concert and site as a volunteer with the autistic child and his mother talking about family. This is a million light made with Nichia patent battle victory in the United States, Yeyin Fu appeared in public for the first time. Yeyin Fu said, Everlight win the patent battle, US and European markets for Everlight quite helpful, future billion light can explore lighting and backlighting markets. Everlight executives revealed that the New York lighting fair, just after the Nichia patent verdict, the site asks visitors to rate the degree and significantly increased. As for the Japanese market, Yeyin Fu said that in this wave of patent war, Nichia's patent in a bunch of elements, some have been declared invalid, and therefore narrow the scope of the patent, billion light in Japan also found a substitute, billion- Optical future will spread good news in the Japanese market. Billion-50 billion convertible bond issuance has been completed, the conversion price of 80 yuan, premium rate of 110%. Yeyin Fu said Everlight the issuance of convertible bonds to be mainly due to expansion capital needs, is expected to invest 10 billion yuan over the next three years, it should be the largest expansion of the industry in Taiwan, mainland to face competition "no expansion can be eliminated." Yeyin Fu stressed that, LED is a big growth industry, market demand indeed, therefore billion light will be large-scale expansion. It is understood that billion light year capital expenditure amounted to 2.5 billion yuan (about 506 million yuan RMB). For the LED boom this year, Yeyin Fu said that the second quarter was slightly better than the first quarter, the second half will be better than the first half, Everlight is also expected to profit this year than last year.

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