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LED Lighting Market Is Messy

On May 12th, the Guangzhou City Administration for Industry report released lamps sampling, the results showed that of 40 sampling 45 companies qualified in paragraph 70 of the samples, the failure rate as high as 57.14%. The NVC, Po, as, Langshi lighting and other well-known brand name of Foshan Lighting "black list." 2014, commissioned by the Guangzhou City Administration for Industry Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute for circulation sales in Guangzhou lamps commodity inspection commodity quality checks, samples were taken of 70 models of 45 production enterprises, the test, 40 luminaire substandard goods, the failure rate of 57.14 percent. In Guangzhou City Administration announced the sampling found unqualified list, NVC, Po, as, Langshi Foshan lighting and lighting and other famous brands are manufactured on the "black list." Among them, the nominal trademark "NVC" or "NVC" The three lamps failed, but three lamps nominal production units are not the same. It is understood that the power supply terminal disturbance voltage, electric shock protection, external and internal wiring project failed in this sampling of the more prominent. It is reported that, due to the widespread use of electronic lighting ballasts and electronic transformers as the main control unit, and such electronic products the work will produce high-frequency harmonic signals, these high-frequency signal propagation through the power terminal through the grid, will bring electromagnetic normal operation of pollution, harassment surrounding electronic devices may cause serious adverse effects on human health and the safe operation of the grid. In the sampling failed lamps of 40, 29, there are lighting power terminal disturbance voltage failure situations, accounting for 72.5% of failed lamps. Sampling failed lamps, the nominal trademark "NVC" and "NVC" The three lamps are the existence of the problem. In the sampling of 40 unqualified products, 18 product failed to protect against electric shock, the presence of the company to protect against electric shock is not enough attention to the required standards. In addition, this sample also found that in 2007 lighting standards that have been banned 0 type lamps, luminaires internal components are basic insulation and without grounding, when the basic insulation failure could result in dangerous voltage lamp housing, causing the danger of electric shock user.

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