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In 2015 M & A Of Semiconductor Market Still Lasts
Internet of Things (IoT) market continued hot, and 3C products more and more toward the development trend of light, the semiconductor industry in order to consolidate the market advantage, further reinforcing the existing product line, have taken merger strategy, which in 2014 turned the tide of mergers and acquisitions is expected to 2015 will not cut trend. According to Industrial Information Institute for Information Industry (MIC) statistics estimate by the terminal PC (PC) shipments decline sharply, China smart phone growth fell for the first time presented, the growth rate is lower than the double impact of the expected 2015 global The semiconductor industry market size to grow only 3.8 percent in 2014 to $ 3,488 billion. Also due to poor PC performance and smart phones that rely on the growth of the semiconductor market size, thus resulting in the semiconductor industry are seeking new business opportunities in other areas of North Korea, where the market becomes more fiery things that become a new field of semiconductor industry contested .However, to quickly get into things and new applications quickest way to establish a dominant market position, the semiconductor industry by key select acquisitions. Thus, in addition to insufficient reinforcement of existing products, but also can make things in the semiconductor industry to more growth in this industry with products and existing capacity, even through mergers and acquisitions, we can further reduce competition object. MIC MIC senior industry analyst and head of Shiya Ru said that since 2014, the semiconductor industry M & A events tends to normal, for example Electronics (FocalTech) M Xu Yao Dentsu, NXP (NXP) acquisition of Freescale (Freescale ), MediaTek (MediaTek) through Morningstar (Morningstar) acquisition Yao-peng (Alpha Imaging Technology), as well as Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology (ChangJiang Elec. Tech.) The combined ChipPAC Semiconductor (STATSChipPAC) and so on. With the Chinese mainland large funds and local funds have in place, to enhance market competitiveness, we expected 2015 global semiconductor industry, and the whole event will be more frequent. Chinese mainland government continued to support the development of local industries, such as Spreadtrum's chips have been formally launched into the market, so in 2015 the Chinese mainland terminal brand manufacturers in smart phones, tablet devices and other products used in chip Chromebook will change, chip manufacturers will become more intense competition, it may take measures to accelerate the acquisition of chip makers.On the other hand, more than 2015 merger boom unabated, to cope with 3C end products to light, power, and things coming generations, in 2015 the semiconductor industry will rapidly toward the M-type development. Shiya Ru noted that a wide range of networking applications, and also presents a variety of applications means a small amount of diversification trend that will test the semiconductor industry to adjust the way the subsequent business models to cope with a small variety of orders trend, and thus enhance the overall value. The action means the product must emphasize efficiency while taking into account the light, power, will continue to drive the semiconductor industry, high-end manufacturing process, high-end packaging technology forward, an important way to create value also goes for the semiconductor industry.
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