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North American Semiconductor Equipment Shipments Make High R

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Industry Association (SEMI) released in April 2015 North American semiconductor equipment book to bill ratio (B / B value) of 1.04, 1.10, although the decline compared with March, but still four consecutive months, the economy expanded more than 1, and increase the amount of orders and shipments, a nearly three-year high. SEMI believes that demand for advanced process scaling memory factory and foundry, pushing up the amount of equipment orders and shipments. Benefit from B / B value is maintained at least 1, capital expenditure stocks strong performance yesterday, including the Han Micro, in the sand, Temporal changes, the Principal Hong Kang and should, have significant gains. Semiconductor equipment orders in part, three-month average order value in April was $ 1,572,200,000, compared with $ 1,392,700,000 amended in March after growing 12.9%, compared with $ 1.443 billion in 2014 to grow by 9.0% over the same period, annual growth It has been positive for five consecutive months and gradually amplified equipment factory orders were better than last year. In the semiconductor device to ship part, three-month average amount of shipments in April to $ 1,510,300,000, compared with $ 1,265,600,000 amended in March after growing 19.3% over the same period in 2014 and $ 1,403,200,000 compared to growth of 7.6 percent is also the annual growth rate for two consecutive months to grow into. It is worth noting that the amount of orders and shipments are significant amount of growth in April, in which the amount of orders hit a 35-month in June 2012 since the new high, also a record amount shipped in 34 months in July 2012 a new high since, equal to the highest in nearly three years to synchronize a new high. SEMI president and CEO Denny McGuirk said the economy expanded 1, and the amount of orders on behalf of better than last year, showing a semiconductor factory sound amplification capital expenditure on B / B value of 4 consecutive months stations, manufacturers maintain optimistic view of the market. Including Applied Materials, Esko Moore (ASML), Colin development (Lam Research) and other equipment industry, said the first quarter of this year, foundries and IDM plant equipment procurement as good as expected strong; the first quarter of B / B value is maintained at 1 above, mainly to benefit from the DRAM plant, process plant upgrade needs of NAND Flash, including DRAM plant accelerate miniature 20-nanometer process, NAND Flash plant began to build 3D NAND production lines. However, in April the amount of significant growth in orders and shipments, orders significantly from foundries 14/16 nm fin field effect transistor (FinFET) expansion process, and Intel 10-nanometer production lines to expand build demand. Equipment industry, said the strong market demand for the second quarter, equipment, capital expenditure schedule various manufacturers, show the economy will have a good recovery in the second half, the third quarter semiconductor demand season worth the wait.

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