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Taiwan Accounts Three Among Top20 Q1 Global Semiconductor Su
Market research firm, ICInsights latest version of McClean Report 2015 will be published later this month, covering the discussions on the progress of the IC industry, the semiconductor industry forecast each capital expenditures, as well as the world's top 20 semiconductor in the first quarter of 2015 supplier ranking. The world's top 20 semiconductor in the first quarter of 2015 (including IC and optoelectronic components, sensors, discrete elements, in terms of sales) suppliers, including seven from the United States, four Japanese manufacturers, Taiwan and Europe all three firms, two South Korean companies, as well as a Singapore firm, relatively wide geographical distribution. This 20 vendors, there are three pure foundry industry ── Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), GlobalFoundries and United Microelectronics (UMC), 4 home is a fabless IC design industry. Interestingly, the top four semiconductor suppliers just their different business models, top-ranked Intel (Intel) is pure blood IDM factory, followed by Samsung (Samsung) Business contents include terminal system is the product, ranking TSMC III is pure foundry industry, the fourth Qualcomm (Qualcomm) is a fabless IC design companies. Overall, the world's top 20 semiconductor suppliers in sales in the first quarter compared with the same period last year, growing by 9% (Excluding foundry industry growth rate of 6%), than the semiconductor industry growth rate by 3%. In 20 companies, six companies sales growth rate of more than 20 percent, nine companies quarter sales more than 2 billion US dollars; and it can be seen from the chart, as long as the first quarter sales of more than 1.1 billion US dollars, it is You can squeeze into the list. ICInsights pointed out that the entire semiconductor industry and yielded several cases such as the merger will be completed. NXP (NXP) and Freescale (Freescale) merger, GlobalFoundries and IBM's semiconductor division, as well as mergers and acquisitions may also occur in the year, The semiconductor industry continues to mature in the next few years, the world's top 20 semiconductor supplier rankings still have a chance of ranking changes appear significant.
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