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The Performance Of Epistar And Everlight In January

Affected by the distribution tide of LEDTV launched by the mainland market, and LED lighting demand exceeds expectations , LED epitaxial plant capacity utilization rate increased in January , the new century, Formosa Epitaxy January revenue growth trend , leading Epistar monthly revenue nearly forty percent annual growth , Tang record high earlier.Epistar January consolidated revenues 1.888 billion yuan ( NT , the same below ) , despite the impact of fewer working days , the monthly decrease of 7.7% , but still hit a new high in January over the years , growing by 39.7% over last year, Epistar executives said the two sides reached capacity years after having loaded , March revenue will rise significantly .Formosa Epitaxy revenue of 284 million yuan in January , the monthly growth of 17.03% , Formosa Epitaxy year there will be a number of new products have imported monthly revenue is expected to rise .Revenues of 376 million yuan in January of the new century , the monthly growth of 29.41% , 38.28% growth over last year . New Century New LED lighting orders, this operation has a turn.In addition , LED packaging manufacturers Everlight January consolidated revenue of 2.108 billion yuan , down 6.7 percent from the previous month 's 2.261 billion yuan a slight , but significant growth 27.55% over last year. The first quarter of the last LED is off-season, double-digit revenue will decline compared to the previous quarter , January Everlight revenues remained at over 21 million high-end , superior operating performance.

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