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Global Analog IC Ranking

According to IC Insights research coordinating body statistics, last year's global analog IC industry, still TI (Texas Instruments) reelected leader, global market share of 18%. While at the same time benefiting from Apple and non-Apple camp into the supply chain, plus selling iPhone 6, as WIN, macro Jaco partners Skyworks operations also continued to rise, ranking in the global analog IC industry in the first five.IC Insights noted that the analog IC industry the bigger trend remains the same, the world's top ten analog IC manufacturers accounted for 57% of overall revenues of the industry, compared with 56% in 2013, continued to improve. Industry and among the top ten, there are six more than 2 billion US dollars in annual revenue, over nine billion dollars. According to IC Insights statistics, last year the top 10 global TI analog IC vendors were (TI), STMicroelectronics (ST), Infineon (Infeneon), Analog Devices (Analog Deviced), Skyworks, Maxim, NXP ( NXP), Linear Technology, ON (ON Semi) and Renesas (Renesas). Texas Instruments which $ 8.104 billion in annual revenue ranking the highest annual growth of 13%. In addition, Skyworks and NXP revenue last year, were also paid out 42 per cent annual growth, 21% good results, better than the overall analog IC market growth rate of 9% last year.Despite the recent Chinese smart phone market is flooded with noise, but has been linked with Skyworks of WIN, the new macro McNair second quarter outlook is quite optimistic. In addition to smart phones outside, 802.11ac specifications turn into, 4G base stations and other infrastructure will become operational boosted GaAs ethnic upward momentum. Legal assessment, WIN, the new season has the second-quarter revenue increased double-digit strength, macro McNair continued to benefit from the expansion of benefits to play, single-quarter revenue is also expected to challenge new highs.

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