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The Semiconductor Capital Spending In 2015

South Korean semiconductor giant Samsung Electronics was held last week completed a new plant groundbreaking ceremony in Pyeongtaek, sea hit 15.6 trillion won (about 15.4 billion US dollars), creating a high amount of investment in plant Samsung single record, what its capital spending this year is how much? Re In contrast semiconductor giant Intel this year's capital expenditure was scaled back came five years to a new low, the semiconductor boom noise occurs, the overall semiconductor plant investment and exactly how prosperous condition, maybe from the research firm Semiconductor Intelligence (SC-IQ) and IC Insights recently released a message can There are more judgment based.Research firm Semiconductor Intelligence (SC-IQ) compiled in 2015 each of the semiconductor company's capital expenditure budget, in general, memory and foundry / professionals work (Foundry) expenditure accounted for all of the semiconductor industry as the highest, respectively, 38% and 27%, which is divided into memory Samsung company, then in addition to Samsung's memory division, S.LSI department also has foundry production line, there may be discussion on the proportion of space.In addition to weak demand for Intel PC affected first quarter results, the 2015 capital spending cut to $ 8.7 billion, compared with $ 10.1 billion last year, down 14%, the more is the lowest in nearly five years.And a brother TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) is in advanced process to catch up with Intel to accelerate, originally proclaimed in 2015 to expand capital spending 11.5 billion - $ 12 billion, but with Intel cut its capital expenditure, said the law would be in mid-April with TSMC Jin, the capital expenditure down to 105 ~ $ 11 billion, have dropped about 8 to 9 percent, but still more the $ 9.5 billion in 2014 to grow by about 13%, nearly five-year high, and is the first time beyond Intel.

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