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LED Lamp Prices In Some Areas Fell Over 50%
Since entering in 2015, LED lighting products prices has become the industry norm, many brands have to adapt to the situation, to reduce their prices, adding "price war." According to the survey, in April 2015, the regional market Shaanxi LEDT8 lamp price compared to last year, which fell substantially above 30%. For this phenomenon, many businesses that, LED lighting technology continues to mature, lower raw material costs and sales continue to increase, the corresponding reduction in costs, product prices also fell.Everlight LED lighting, general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Ze Shan operations center said that in 2015 there will be a LED lamp prices declined slightly, market competition, resulting in a lot of manufacturers in order to win the market, depress profits. Furthermore, LED product to mature, related accessories price, which will make LED lamp prices continue to decline. General Manager Operations Center  Shaanxi Linsen said, now, well-known brands from traditional lighting to LED era era coming brand, LED lamp brands are deep channels, market share, where "advertising", "teamwork "have become a hot topic in the industry. It is understood that the current LED lighting market competition is particularly confusing, 80 yuan / support to more than 10 yuan / support the price range of the product has, the price difference is too large, but the average consumer is difficult to identify cost differences between products. Lamp face declining prices, many businesses reflect moderate stocking should meet the needs of daily sales, and select brand products agents, in order to reduce operational risks. Compared with the same period in 2014, in April 2015, Henan regional markets several brands LED lamp prices fell more, some fell more than 50%. LIGHTING whole platform market through regional consolidation that Henan research: on the one hand, because of market competition, manufacturers in order to seize market share, most suitable for large distribution channels of LED lamp as a "dagger" products to hit the market; on the other hand, LED lamp reduced production costs.
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