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Only Fund Is Not Enough For IC

In March this year NXP Semiconductors announced a price of $ 11.8 billion acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor; today Intel restart of Altera's acquisition, rumored acquisition would amount to over 13 billion US dollars. Spreadtrum acquired regardless violet, Pudong Branch cast acquisition Montage, many of my friends think that the acquisition of expensive, if you see clear core CRE $ 1.9 billion acquisition of Omnivision spend $ 1.9 billion, there are many people feel worth, after all OV 2014 net profit Only ninety million yuan, equal to clear core CRE PE of 20 times the acquisition of OV, OV if judged according to the industry's net profit will decline in the next two years, even though the mainland stock market PE is high, clear core CRE also have a huge risk of loss and the worry is that, with the support mainland's IC industry across the globe, as mergers and acquisitions, often face to face mainland funds to purchase more than double the premium, even if it also braved the name of national security is prohibition risk. Compared to the independent development of integrated circuit industry will obviously speed up to shorten the gap with international counterparts in particular through the acquisition of international acquisitions, although higher premiums may suffer, although it may encounter after the acquisition integration risk, but the obvious benefit is to accelerate the continent's IC industry international cooperation and exchanges, but also to attract more industry to the mainland industry talent, but will introduce international advanced enterprise management, project management experience in a huge help, these risks are worth the investment is necessary.But to see that, although the state has invested 120 billion yuan fund to foster an integrated circuit may seem a lot, in fact, compared to the international IC industry mergers and acquisitions and capital expenditures per year integrated giant, in fact, about $ 20 billion support fund In fact, not much, if you want more private national funding, the real effect is to point play, in addition to funding, the state should be more support in terms of policy, especially in terms of the process of reviewing the IPO market business should be the focus of support, the only way can really mobilize the participation of private capital, or international mergers and acquisitions this year seems to catch on is entirely possible in the event of losses hit bottom, it is the case, not only to the national 1200 capital investment will be a boondoggle, it can also cause a heavy blow to private capital IC industry with passion. National IC industry support program has been launched nearly a year, so far not seen the state of the integrated circuit industry is a more aggressive policy released when the domestic IC acquisitions carried out in full swing, the country to the introduction of relevant policies of the time.

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