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EV8 40mm Zinc Oxide Varistor
EV8 - 40mm Zinc Oxide Varistor
Solutions are best in fast response time and clamping capability application to power Lines Protection,
Large Surge Protection and Telecom Lines Protection
Wide Operating voltage (V1mA) range from

40mm Zinc Oxide Varistor
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D330K 40mm 18VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D390K 40mm 22VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor EV8-40D470K 40mm 27VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D560K 40mm 33VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D680K 40mm 39VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D820K 40mm 47VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D101K 40mm 56VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D121K 40mm 68VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D151K 40mm 82VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D181K 40mm 100VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D201K 40mm 120VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D221K 40mm 150VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D241K 40mm 180VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D271K 40mm 200VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D301K 40mm 220VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor EV8-40D331K 40mm 240VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D361K 40mm 270VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D391K 40mm 300VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D431K 40mm 330VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D471K 40mm 360VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D511K 40mm 390VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D561K 40mm 430VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D621K 40mm 470VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D681K 40mm 510VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D751K 40mm 560VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D781K 40mm 620VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor EV8-40D821K 40mm 680VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D911K 40mm 750VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D951K 40mm 780VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D102K 40mm 820VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D112K 40mm 910VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D122K 40mm 950VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D142K 40mm 1000VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D162K 40mm 1100VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV8-40D182K 40mm 1200VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV6-25D142K 40mm 1400VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV6-25D162K 40mm 1600VDC
Zinc Oxide Varistor  EV6-25D182K 40mm 1800VDC

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