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EC8 5mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
5mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
Single-Turn / Cermet / Industrial
4 Terminal Styles
Rohs Compliant
Operating Temperature Range: -25C to +85C
Rated Working Voltage: 100VDC
Withstanding Voltage: 400VDC


EC8-5mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
Working voltage: 50V DC
Withstand voltage: 110V DC
Insulation resistance: 104MΩ minutes
Turning torque: 3.5 to 150gf-cm
Operating temperature: -25oC to +85oC
1.2-3.0pf N90±200 nil
1.4-6.0pf N350±100 red
1.8-10.0pf N750±250 nil
2.8-20.0pf N750±250 nil
4.0-30pf N1500±500 yellow

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