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ET2 CA45 SMD Tantalum Capacitors
ET2-CA45 SMD Tantalum Capacitors
The tantalum capacitor is a highly reliable type
of surface mount solid capacitor or electrolytic capacitor

CA45 SMD Tantalum Capacitors
Tantalum SMD capacitors are widely used to provide levels of capacitance that are higher than those that can be achieved when using ceramic capacitors. The capacitor technology that is used within SMD tantalum capacitors is based on the solid tantalum capacitor technology. This is robust and enables very small capacitors to be made.
For many years tantalum capacitors were used in SMD applications because electrolytic capacitors were not able to survive the high temperatures of the soldering process. Now that electrolytic capacitor technology has been developed to withstand the soldering process, these capacitors are now also widely used. Despite this, the other advantages of tantalum capacitors are employed in many circuits, and they are still used in vast quantities.
As a result of the different construction and requirements for tantalum SMT capacitors, there are some different packages that are used for them. These conform to EIA specifications.
(mm)  SMD tantalum size
Size A  3.2 ×1.6 ×1.6   3216
Size B  3.5 ×2.8×1.9    3528
Size C  6.0 × 3.2 × 2.2   6032
Size D  7.3 × 4.3 × 2.4   7343

Operating temperature: -55 ~125C
Capacitance Tolerance:±20% ,±10%%
Capacitance Range: 0.1μF~470μF
DC leakage current(20) I0 ≤0.01CRUR or 0.05μA
Life test:  2000 hours.
Voltage Rating 4V~50V

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