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ER1 Carbon Film Fixed Resistor
ER1 - Carbon Film Fixed Resistor
0.125W carbon film resistor
0.25W carbon film resistor
0.5W carbon film resistor
1W carbon film resistor
2W carbon film resistor
3W carbon film resistor


Carbon film resistors-CR 
Electrical characteristics:
Exceptional long-term stability
Exceeds carbon comp MIL-R-11 performance
Standard tolerance: +/-2, +/-5%
Packing: bulk, strip pack, 26mm and 52mm tape and reel, cut and formed or radial pana
Power rating: 70 degrees Celsius 1/6; 1/8W, 1/4WS
Operating temperature range: -55 to +155 degrees Celsius
Maximum working voltage: 200V
Maximum overload voltage: 400V
Dielectric withstanding voltage (AC): 400V
Maximum intermittent overload voltage: 500V

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