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ER2 Metal Film Resistor
ER2 - Metal Film Resistor
0.125W Metal Film Resistor
0.25W Metal Film Resistor
0.5W Metal Film Resistor
1W Metal Film Resistor
2W Metal Film Resistor



  • Good performance in moisture resistance, anti-oxidization, and thermal stability
  • Non-flammable, overload stable, stable, and reliable long term operation
  • Operating ambient temperature: -55 to 155°C
  • Tolerance: ± 2%, ± 5%
  • Power and resistance range:
    • 1/2W (1Ws): 1R to 33KR
    • 1W (2Ws): 1R to 39KR
    • 2W (3Ws): 1R to 39KR
    • 3W (5Ws): 1R to 39KR
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