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Elecsound is a leading manufacturur of PCB products. Our factory is ISO9002 and UL certified. Our products are SGS certified. We specialize in single layer to multiple layer PCBs - all the way from 1 to 8 layers


Item Specs
2 Layers Multilayers
Layers 2 4 to 12
Base material 0.5~10oz 0.5~10oz
Thickness scope of boards 0.2~4.0mm 0.40~5.2mm
Bow and twist ≦0.5% ≦0.5%
Test Voltage 100DCV 100-200DCV
Maximum size 560×610mm 560×610mm
Minimum line width 0.10/0.10mm 0.10/0.10mm
Hole wall copper 25.0um 25.0um
Minimum solder resist isolation ring 0.076mm 0.076mm
Minimum Hole Dia 0.25mm 0.20mm
Allowence of hole diameter PTH ±0.076mm ±0.076mm
NPTH ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Allowence of hole site ±0.076mm ±0.05mm
Precision of outline size Routing ±0.10mm ±0.10mm
Punching ±0.13mm ±0.13mm
Minimum solder resist width ≧0.10mm ≧0.075mm
Thermal Stress 288 10 second 288 10 second
Surface processing technology OSP, HAL immersion silver, immersion gold OSP, HAL immersion silver, immersion gold
Quality Standard IPC-A-600F,IPC-ML-950 IPC-A-600F,IPC-ML-950

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